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GoZap- Electric Vehicle Rental Company

We offer Mobility 2.0 solution @ affordable costs with reduced paperwork, connected and smart features

From Driver Owned to Fleet Operations

Centered with subscription economy with getting out from autonomous ownership to a fleet based operations

From Ownership to Shared Mobility

Brings in a the ownership and paves path to shared mobility where upgrade is just on subscription without committment

Committed To Excellence

We Create Beautiful and Brighter Smiles

Our Vehicles are technologically connected and our dock stations are  strategically located near to your place where you can access 24/7,we have pocket friendly plans handcrafted just for you so that you pay less and travel more. The  ease of operations would bring in beautiful and brighter smiles.

Flexible Plans For you

Bringing Life to Your Smile
Monthly Plan- 4999Rs./Month

Rising fuel prices, long queues on fueling stations, challengers around COVID-19 leave these hassles to us. Monthly rentals are now available at just 4999Rs./Month

Weekly Plan - 1250Rs./Week

Get our vehicle on rent on weekly basis and add spice to your ride. Weekly rentals are now available as low as 1300Rs./Week

Daily Plan-

Travel wherever you want to! Just get our vehicle on rent on daily basis and boost up your travelling time.Daily rentals are just 249Rs./day

Custom Plan

Change is the constant thing in the world, we understand and we have custom plan to suits your daily routine.

Scooter models

Our Association with twowheeler brands for domestic and logistic segments
Hero NYX

City speed variant with speed of more than 42km/hr. Portable Battery, Split folded seats. Get Convenience on the go


 Slip through the traffic with easy riding. The Vehicles features detachable LFP Batteries, feel confident and control on every jourmey

Jitendra MT1000HS

The No nonsense scooter spefically designed for carrying mid level goods and ideal for last mile delivery services. Good leg space and boxes.

EPluto 7G

 EPluto 7G is premium electric scooter  designed to give you the most comfortable ride experience that any scooter possibly can! 


One of the boldest out there.Smart colors, powerful and a tall presence,and loads of convenient features that will make you want to ride more.Give your confidence a new edge with this one!

Ather S340

Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond, The luxury is at your finger tips, own your Ather without owining one…

Hero Electric Optima HX

Say goodbye to rough and bumpy rides. The state of art suspension features with 122 KM range gives peace of mind on city long drive.

ATUM 1.0

With a lithium-ion battery, minimal design and optimized for strength and speed, Atum 1.0 is right up your alley. Ride your routine but leave a green trail.

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Why Choose GoZap?

Cost Beneficial

You can Rent your Electrical Vehicle at a very low rates. And since there is no use of Fuel This will help you to reduce your cost.


GoZap allows you to Rent a Electric Scooter on different subscription model from starting from one hour to monthly committment.

Environment Friendly

We firmly believe in making our Planet a better place for our communities and generation to come.

Drop Anywhere

We provide our customers with the freedom of choosing the drop location at strategic points based on their geo fence.

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