GoFuel Invites GoFuelers

GoFueler Program Is a Unique Investment Opportunity
Designed for Energetic Entrepreneurs Willing To Join Hands With GoFuel To Create A World-Class Professional Organization

Whats GoFueler program

GoFueler Program Follows Franchisee Operated Company Owned (FOCO) Model, Where The Franchisee Will Be Allocated A Specific Territory Along With Infrastructure To Perform The Operations. .


  • Total Investment 35 Lakhs
  • Agreement Tenure 60 Months
  • GoFueler Commission 1.2 Re/Litre
  • Interest Free Refundable Deposit 10 Lakhs
  • Commission Disbursal 30 Days
  • Average Returns 42%*
  • Minimal Capacity Daily Operations 6000 Litres/day
  • Operational Infrastructure GoFuel Provided

Important Consideration:

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