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India’s automotive future is Electric, and so is ours!!

We at GoFuel congratulate you and your team for being part of an elite section in the automobile industry, who have – an out of the box thinking, courage to brave the tide, a passion for innovation and futuristic ideas, with responsibility towards the environment and the acumen to turn it into a viable business.

GoFuel shares a similar set of attributes in the fuel & energy, technology and customer orientation space,  and thereby offers a partnership to help increase the visibility of your products and innovations.

Yes, it is the right time to #goelectric and surge the inception of the Electric Vehicle revolution in our country. The International Energy Agency states that EVs’ global stock was 7.2 Mn globally in 2019. However, India is quite far behind at the EV penetration levels. In FY21, though there was a cumulative slump in the Auto Industry, the reduction in EVs was far lesser compared to ICE vehicles. Apart from the lockdown situations, there were some key factors which caused a downturn, despite EVs being the right offering at the right time. They are a  lack of strong bank finance mechanisms, less awareness about green vehicles and its benefits and lesser visibility on convenient online sales platforms.

We at GoFuel acknowledge this potential, understand the situation at hand and believe in your vision. With the Make-in-India initiative, EV Government policies are getting stronger & more enriching, FAME-II rollout is a case in point.

At this juncture, we offer to come in for providing visibility on convenient online sales platforms and create awareness about green vehicles and its benefits with an intention to be a valuable contributor in India’s e-mobility revolution and do our bit to reduce the carbon footprint.

Now, What is GoFuel ?


Last Mile Energy Provider

GoFuel is India’s first licensed fuel delivery service provider partnered with IOCL, HPCL and  BPCL approved by PESO. We have a patent pending in the fuel and energy space for creating and successfully implementing a technology-based door to door fuel delivery ecosystem featuring mobile app interfaces, online sales platforms, customized dashboards, CRM systems and IOT that offers convenience, reliability and security to its partners and end-users. We are a LEAN organisation & one of the fastest growing start-ups in India with a turnover of INR 3.4 Cr within the first 4 months of operations in diesel door to door delivery. Our vision is to have an average of 16000 customers per day, with a presence across 700 districts by 2025.

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About Our Future

With an already sizeable base of customers, mobile app subscriptions and online visitors, we are moving into “Green-energy” options like electric charging and delivering CNG. Our EV charging infrastructure using solar panels is one of its kind and will play a major role in further enhancing the EV advantage for manufacturers and for end users.
With a clear vision, strong technology arm and dynamic business strategy, our motto is to revolutionize energy distribution in India and across the globe. With this motto, we have already taken rapid strides in establishing our presence in Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. The team at GoFuel has over 25 years of consulting experience in the automotive industry, especially in regulating and enhancing the sales and after sales processes for various OEM’s in India, and across the globe. It will bring that expertise to the fore in this partnership.

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What do we offer?

We are proud to inform you that we have ventured into the online realm of vehicle retail and sales management. The possibilities which exist are as given:

online promotion

Online Sales

Display, promote and sell your product offerings on our online sales and mobile platforms, which have a considerable visitor base.

infrastructure Development

Multi-Brand Showrooms & Infrastructure

Multi brand Twowheeler ThreeWheeler and tractor showroom.
Fast & Regular Charging infrastructure for EVs (Swapping & Charging)


Lead Generation

With ever increasing customer base and presence across the country, we assure widespread reach and visibility for your products and a good chance at competing with the established players in the EV market.

domain registration

Marketing Campaign

Create awareness campaigns, webinars with Subject Matter Experts, give regular knowledge snippets about green vehicles, and regular updates to our entire online customer, subscriber and visitor base, which in turn will enhance the buying quotient of green vehicles.

growth hacking

Growth Hacking

Easy transition to global market in line with GoFuel’s global expansion


Your EV advisor for Life

Online Advisory and consulting to prospective EV customers

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